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xx I want to join Chicken's Coup,,,what do i do? | 25 Jan 09
08:40:18 by chickenwing | Views: 14350 | Comments: 0

We are accepting applications for mature players.  In order to join, you must create a forum login.  Being a member of the forum DOES NOT make you a member of the clan!!!  Once registered, check out our Recruitment section, read the rules and apply there.

xx What is Chicken's Coup all about? | 25 Jan 09
08:37:49 by chickenwing | Views: 10530 | Comments: 0

[Coup] Chicken's Coup Clan is a FPS gaming clan started in February 2007 by a group of adult players that approach the game in much the same way...we love to compete but do so in the spirit of fair play, fun and respect.  We dont taunt, we dont complain, we dont swear (not too much anyway) but we do have fun!  Our various skills come together to create a strong team!  We play Call of Duty 2, Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare, and Call of Duty - World at War, Call of Duty MW2, and Battlefield:Bad Company 2.

xx Registration required to view full forum content | 25 Jan 09
08:28:06 by chickenwing | Views: 6783 | Comments: 0

In order to gain access for the full forum content, you must register for an account.  Note: registering and becoming a member of the forum DOES NOT make you a member of the clan.

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